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                                 Workshops and Educational Sessions:

The Importance of Writing a Personal Development Plan                     Classes Coming  

How to write your Personal Development Plan 

How to include and balance your career, work, goals and personal life

How to identify obstacles preventing you from achieving personal success

Developing Actions Commitments

Positive effect of Accountability

Keeping a Personal Development Plan Journal




Daily Practices 

Maintains a positive outlook by keeping goals in focus                                       Classes Coming

Establishing daily routine requires practice                                                                    

Quiet your mind

Work on your emotions

Lead yourself in everything you do

Aligning your priorities with your goals

Getting a growth mindset

Research what separates the good from the great

Self-talk of positive words -affirmations



Life Skill Solutions                                                                                     Classes Coming  

Continuous development helps manage & live a better-quality life


Life Skill assessment

Soft Skills (how do we connect with each other & the world around you)

Essential Life Skills (self care, leisure/rec skills-daily living-career-shopping-cooking-laundry)

Promoting confidence and well-being

Creating and Maintaining a positive attitude for personal and professional development

Maintaining a sense of curiosity and a willingness to experience something different

Dealing effectively with the challenges in everyday life

Notebook and Pen
Affirmation Poster
Life Skills
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