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Meet The Team

WIM CDC team are dedicated professional ready to assist you through the use of training tools, knowledge base sessions, workshops and resources needed for your transformation process. Our team has successfully worked with individuals who were ready to harness their best life many who were not sure when or how to get there.  WIM is committed to building readiness by creating Awareness, Knowledge, Engagement and Commitment to change. 


O: 702-913-5359  

M: 702-913-4348

F: 702-989-8766

Adrienne Patterson

Founder, Director, Life & Business Coach, Motivational Speaker


The founder of WIM CDC is a Business Executive and has worked in the field of Banking and Finance for over 35 years, she has a B.S. in Management from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, An AA in Business from Southern NV Community College, She’s a certified Life Coach, certification obtained through an approved ICF school. Adrienne’s life journey has been empowered by various strong women, family members, community and spiritual mentors. She uses her education and knowledge to empower others

Sandy Holloway Jones

Assistant Director, Wellness Coach, Corp Realtor

Sandy Jones, Holistic Health Coach has been an executive and Business Owner in the Las Vegas community for over 37 years; she resides in Las Vegas, and St Croix U.S.V.I. Sandy is very knowledgeable in the Health and Wellness arena she owned Sweetwater Wellness in Atlanta, GA and is currently the proud owner of Tealicious Living, a division on L.I.F.E. Institute L..L.C, (Longevity Initiatives Fighting Extinction) she is also the owner of Virgin Island Botanicals and My Bush Tea. Sandy embodies a wealth of information which she shares with WIM clients and is eager to share with you..

Assistant Director

O: 702-913-5359  

F: 702-989-8766

Fitness Coach
Sheila Ford

Senior Fitness and Personal Trainer-Coach

Believes a healthy lifestyle goes beyond the results of a good workout. It is the embodiment of spiritual, psychological, and physical well-being, regardless of your nutritional and training needs. As part of WIM's team, we will work together to ensure they are met effectively. The concentration of my education, includes an MS in Sports Psychology and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification, focuses on the optimal performance and health of each individual. My passion, education, and training; along with your release of fear, will aid in leading you to become your best "You".

 O: 702-913-5359

F: 702-989-8766

Georgette Brewer (Jett)

Family and Marriage Therapist

Georgette has worked in the field of family counseling for over 14 years she is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with  years of experience working with children age 8+, adolescents, families and adults. She has a B.S. from the University to New Mexico and a Master’s in Family Therapy from Phillips Institute in LA California. Jett provides dedicated service to individuals from all walks of life with sincere compassion and care lending support to those struggling with self-esteem, anxiety, depression, anger, ADHD, behavioral problems, grief & loss issues and sexual identity.

Her practice is based on a person-centered approach geared towards helping individuals become more aware of where they are, what they are doing and who they would like to become. Her work is done with a safe, inclusive, non-judgmental approach to treatment for those who are ready to make a positive change and commit to focusing on their needs with optimism, empathy & compassion.

Professional Therapist

O:   702-913-5359

F:    702-989-8766

WIM's  Professional Associates

Star Waters: Healing Wellness Coach -Youthification Technician-



Charlotte Epps Stowers: Financial/Sm Bus Development Coach-IRS/CTEC certified-


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