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Studio Apartment
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 Creating space to live your best life!

WIM Studio is where conversations, coaching sessions workshops and classes are held to motivate and empower individuals to seek out and foster their best life.

WIM Studio provides a cultivating environment to dream bigger, think bigger, learn how to balance mind, body and spirit, to seek the right answers to achieve success, remove blocks, get healthy, wealthy and wise... Live the life you deserve.

In the studio you will find branches of services. 

Women In Motion and Wellness In Motion operates within WIM's Spiritual Sisters Sharing Non-profit organization.


Worshippers In Motion is directly connected to the Life Studio.

Embrace your truth and shine in the light you were created to live in.


WIM Value Life Studio and WIM Community Development Corporation's (CDC)mission is to provide essential tools and knowledge base programs to the underserved and others using interactive methods through our Virtual Coaching, Strategic Planning and Winning Outcomes platforms.  WIM strives to motivate individuals, professionals and corporations who would like to take initiative in their search for opportunities to create their best life, state of being and upward momentum.  Motivation strategies that can potentially lead to enhanced self-awareness, desires to attain higher education, jobs, promotion opportunities, enhanced workplace environments,  or to acquire trades all leading to self and social sustainability.  WIM believe one motivated individual can motivate others hence making our world a better place. 

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