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WIM Studio is where conversations, coaching sessions and classes are held to motivate and empower you to seek out and foster your best self. Providing an environment to Dream bigger, Think bigger, Learn how to balance mind, body and spirit, to seek the right answers to achieve success, Remove blocks, Get Healthy, Wealthy and Wise... Live the life you deserve

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WIM Community Development Corporation's (CDC)mission is to provide essential tools and knowledge base programs to the underserved and others using interactive methods through our Virtual Coaching, Strategic Planning and Winning Outcomes platforms.  WIM strives to motivate individuals, professionals and corporations who would like to take initiative in their search for opportunities to create their best life, state of being and upward momentum.  Motivation strategies that can potentially lead to enhanced self-awareness, desires to attain higher education, jobs, promotion opportunities, enhanced workplace environments,  or to acquire trades all leading to self and social sustainability.  WIM believe one motivated individual can motivate others hence making our world a better place. 






 WIM CDC has a staff of professional coaches who are eager to partner with you to create and  customize your desired path to personal and professional success.  You are the visionary, we are your sounding board and accountability partner.  We will assist and motivate you to explore sustainable choices while discovering which path  will produce your best life as you move forward to take steps to achieve your dreams, visions, and goals.






WIM CDC will provide unconditional support and guidance as you navigate to establish the directions you are willing to take and changes you are willing to make to achieve  your optimal level of success. Our actions within the partnership will be to ensure you  are on target to reach each set goal. 






WIM CDC believes success is measured individually or corporately. Whether you are  starting a new lifestyle, embracing a new direction in life, taking on a new job, project, business or working toward a personal -professional goal we will be there with  you. It is a win-win when you are empowered by WIM  to see your dreams visions and  goals realized. 



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