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Frequently Asked Questions


Below please find a list and answers to our most frequent questions.  If you don't find the question you would like to ask please go to our contact page and ask it there.

 01  Who Is WIM

WIM CDC Is a non profit organization established to provide a variety of programs and services that educate, enhance, develop and enrich the diverse interests of individuals in our local community




 02  When was WIM Established

WIM CDC was established in 2015




 03  What is  WIM an acronym for

WIM is an acronym for Winners in Motion, Women in Motion, Workers in Motion, Wellness in Motion and Warriors in Motion to becoming. 


 04  Are WIM Coaches Certified

Yes, WIM partners with  certified coaches who have been working in their field of certification for many years.


 05  Will WIM offer future classes or training other than empowerment

Yes, WIM would like to be your premiere studio offering life classes on various topics including financial literacy, home buying, meditation and more. 

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