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Yoga at Home

Starting From Where you are


This course will present an overview of tools to harness self awareness allowing the learners to self evaluate their truth without judgement. This evaluation will allow them to free their mindset from everyday clutter and the small voices that are contrary to the directions they are wanting to pursue.

Running in Nature

Forward Moving


In this course, learners will explore the blocks and or barriers which are preventing them from moving forward and learning practices to help them move pass or     eradicate those bocks and or barriers. 

Up the Blue Stairs
You Can Get There One Step At A Time




This Course is designed to move you into action one step at a time. Creating action plans that are aligned with what's most important to you.

Keyboard and Mouse
Draft Your Vision Statement


This is a writing course designed to help you gain clarity, identify your goals and visualize  what your success will look like once achieved.

Hour Glass
Learning to manage your in between


In this course, leaners will conduct an assessment of their past behavior, failures, disappointments to identify if any residue from them are present.   Learners will explore how residue from their past influence their characteristics, attitudes and beliefs in their present. Learners will also get an understanding why managing their in between is vital when moving from Past to your future.

Compass & Map
Finding Your Directions


In this course, Leaners will develop a strategy  to navigate their plans of action by setting SMART goals and approaching each task in small intervals.

Our Classes

WIM CDC  strives to be a premiere resource for Empowerment, Personal Development and Corporate Success. WIM coaches offers a series of  program plans for individuals, small groups and corporations. Each plan is designed to encourage active participation and can be customized to fit the need for developing a desired skill set, achieving a goal or acquiring success. WIM is committed to building, enhancing, and growing Communities one individual at a time by creating awareness, providing knowledge, initiating, implementing, and maintaining commitment to becoming your best.

Listed are WIM's core classes which are structured to provide a foundation for your desired journey.

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