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WIM Is an acronym for Women In Motion, Wellness In Motion, Worshippers In Motion, Warriors In Motion and Workers In Motion.  We are one umbrella meeting the needs of many through our subsidiary branches of services.  Each branch of WIM is structured to bring hope to all. WIM believes there is a movement in the earth mandating wholeness for the mind, body and spirit of individuals that know there is more than their current state of being. Whether the individual is looking for more peace, more hope, more joy, more love WIM professionals would like to be a part of your journey to search out and seek the more for your life.


WIM History

Our first Women In Motion workshop was held in 2012 at a local church. The attendees included various women and ministers from the local community. The foundation of this workshop was to encourage women and to up lift them spiritually.  There was a panel of five community leaders to speak and answer questions, there was singing and praise dancing then a spiritual/religious message was rendered.  The workshop was a success in the number of attendees and the delivered message however it did not meet my vision which was to provide the women with tools to change their lives and circumstances. It was then I realized there needed to be more!  In 2015 WIM CDC was established which focused on needs of a community expanding services and workshops outside of a religious setting. The primary focus included providing a space to address health, mental well-being, financial structure, housing, food, jobs and other community needs assisting the attendees with making informed viable choices which would provide them sustainability not only for today but for days to come. Since 2015 WIM has been holding workshops and teaching tools designed to meet individuals where they are and to lead them to their wholeness state of being. Now the structure of the workshops was meeting my vision, additionally there was a need to diversity the sessions in like groups therefore WIM services were expanded to include Wellness in 2022, Worshippers in 2023 and will soon include, Workers and Warriors

WIM branches of services

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