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Charlotte Epps-Stowers

Financial Strategist

Mindfulness and Financial Coach    a certified life coach with special emphasis in financial coaching, Charlotte resides in Alameda California. With a unique upbringing Charlotte set the bar high for herself and established a path for life to achieve all she set out to do. Her met her husband Michael at the age of 20 whom she shared many of her goals with, and he believed in her. She worked in various capacities changing careers as she saw fit while raising her 2 sons.  Her husband has always said she is better than Dr. Laura with a heart of gold who doesn't need an employer. She is a tax preparation, she shows you how to pay for your child's college education or assist you in locating difficult to find loved ones. Assist criminal defense investigators with cases, serve subpoenas, records request, locate witness, transport witness, conduct interviews, write memos and reports as needed. Charlotte is a woman of many


Charlotte Epps-Stowers
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