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Sandy Holloway Jones

Assistant Director WIM CDC, WIM Value Life Studio, Spiritual Sisters Sharing, Worshippers In Motion

Sandy Jones, Holistic Health Coach and Assitant Direction of WIM various divisions has been an executive and Business Owner in the Las Vegas community for over 37 years; she resides in Las Vegas, and St Croix U.S.V.I. Sandy is very knowledgeable in the Health and Wellness arena she owned Sweetwater Wellness in Atlanta, GA and is currently the proud owner of Tealicious Living, a division on L.I.F.E. Institute L..L.C, (Longevity Initiatives Fighting Extinction) she is also the owner of Virgin Island Botanicals and My Bush Tea. Sandy embodies a wealth of information which she shares with WIM clients and is eager to share with you..


Sandy Holloway Jones
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