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4 Ways to earn Respect and Credibility

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Build your Character - Be accountable for your actions

Be dynamic - Become a better listener

Be Positive -Exercise forgiveness and compassion

Focus on win/win outcomes- Assist others in succeeding

Be Accountable for your actions

It is often stated people will forget what you said but never will they forget how you made them feel. Character is displayed in your actions.

It is not your responsibility to manage people feelings however if your actions directly or indirectly cause a negative reaction when around or when you encounters people it is then the accountability of your actions falls upon you to change or correct.

Start by:

When in the presence of others be intentional to be positive.

Begin creating an awareness of peoples reactions to your presence,

Check your demeanor, your smiles, and your attentiveness.

Become a better listener

Listening is an acquired skill that once obtained will elevate you from a position of general conversation to building trust and a rapport with the person you are conversing with.

Start by:

Becoming an attentive listener

Do not began to form a answer before the person has finished talking

Do not offer suggestions to try to persuade the individual to see things your way

Withhold your personal beliefs unless asked about them

Be Positive -Exercise forgiveness and compassion

The act of forgiveness frees you from the person, place or thing that violated your trust

Compassion allows you to ideally place yourself in the seat or shoes of an individual in need

Exercising Forgiveness and compassion allows positivity to flow in your life

Start by:

Bringing all negative thoughts into captivity

Practice simply changing a few words of your thoughts to make a positive statement

(can't to can, won't to will, don't to do)

Not sharing your negative thoughts with others allowing the spread of negativity

Rehearsing in your head how to do and or relay things in a beneficial manner to others which will reap a positive response.

Focus on win/win outcomes- Assist others in succeeding

We were created to be a blessing to others. Realization sets in when you understand you are not forsaking self when sharing or giving of your gifts and talents to others.

Start by:

Building up yourself with self love

Keeping yourself energized so when around others your energy can overflow to them

Observing the needs of others and figure out what act of kindness can you lend

Begin to pour out a little of yourself, talents and gifts and watch them be replenished

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